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We've given all of the musicians hand-held digital video cameras so you can witness the event through their eyes, meet the people involved, and share in their experiences as they race to put together an unforgettable transnational event. Now it's your turn.

Send us your photos and videos

If you were lucky enough to be at Band on the Wall in Manchester for the latest Aftershock on 30th January, 2010 - we'd love to see and share your photos & videos of the event. Email them to us and we'll post them here.

NOTE: You can add extra information in the body of the email - tell us who's in the photo, put your name in it, etc. but please don't change the subject line of the email or (obviously) the address.

Follow the story as it happened

Get to know the artists, see the songs develop from idea to fully realised performance, hang out with Nitin Sawhney backstage and become part of the whole collaborative experience that is the Aftershock Project.


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